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Do you find yourself wishing your home was more than it is? You are not alone. Don’t resign to mundane living, though! GiGi Homes & Construction can bring your vision of the perfect space for you and your family alive. With a remodel from us, you will gain improved quality of life as well as valuable added square footage that’s all yours to use however best fits your needs – plus an increase in resale value! We guarantee everything on our list; nothing less will do.
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A Home Remodeling Project That Will Change Your Life

GiGi Homes & Construction stands apart from other home remodeling companies with our commitment to providing the most stunning yet practical remodels tailored just for you. Our talented team of professionals has the expertise and years of experience needed to craft a remarkable, one-of-a-kind space that perfectly meets your requirements.

Get ready to enjoy:

A Premium Home Remodeling In Chantilly

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are key. Letting the interior of your property deteriorate gives buyers a reasonable justification for proposing an offer far below market value.

Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential of your living space? By remodeling or upgrading your home, not only can you increase its value – but also get to bask in its design. Give yourself permission to be creative and craft a haven that caters to exactly what YOU need: a man cave for leisurely nights with buddies, an entertainment area for lively family evenings, or even an elegant bedroom where visitors want nothing more than a sleepover! Breathe new life into your abode today and reap all the rewards!

Check out our home remodeling offer in Chantilly and get the best deal on your project right now! Work with the best home builder in the area and make sure your project is 100% successful.

Chantilly Homeowners Love Their New Homes!

Your fellow Chantilly locals have already remodeled their homes to the pinnacle of aesthetically pleasing and practical perfection. You too can achieve this same level of excellence – don’t let anything keep you from having your dream home!


Nahid Farzad


I called GiGi Homes to help with my moms bathroom remodel. She had a very old out dated bathroom and I wanted to surprise her with a renovation while she was out of town. Alex was incredible working within a tight timeline while still producing a gorgeous and high quality bathroom renovation.

He did everything from retiling the shower and floor to installing new sinks and hardware.

I cannot recommend him enough for not only the quality of work but being polite, on time, and just a great person to help execute my vision!


Tim Attoh


It is hard to find good contractors, but the team at Gigi Homes did a great job! The process from start to finish was very professional.

If you are looking for a kitchen & bathroom remodeler they offer a streamlined service.

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Home

With a bit of effort, you can easily make your home the perfect living environment. Do you need an office to focus on your projects? More space in the kitchen? Or even another bathroom for visitors? No matter what it is, there are limitless possibilities when transforming and improving your home!

Custom Home Building

Transform your home into a modern, ADA-compliant oasis with a custom home-building project. By removing walls between the kitchen, living area, and dining room you will create more space while also increasing its aesthetic appeal. Not to mention that it can be made accessible to everyone! Take advantage of this opportunity and make your dream house become a reality today!

To amplify the sense of spaciousness and brightness, cathedral ceilings and skylights can be added. With a seasoned home remodeler by your side, you can even install more intricate features such as fireplaces to add aesthetic beauty to any space.

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Basement Renovation

After years of existing in the same house, basements are often disregarded as storage areas. Even so, from online research there is an abundance of basement renovation ideas to browse through if you’re considering something extraordinary that would meet the requirements of your entire family. Imagine a grandparents’ bedroom and playroom for children connected with maybe even an office space – it would be remarkable! And furthermore, this design provides homeowners with the optimal solution when they opt to stay at home while babysitting their grandchildren while they age.
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Ready to expand your living space with no major remodel? Look no further than a sunroom! It’s the perfect option for adding an oasis right into your home, where you can relax and read or take in some fresh outdoor air. And why not add in that extra bit of special cozy atmosphere by integrating a bench seating– comfortable enough for one or more people– near the picture window? With this newly designed nook, you’ll be able to embrace nature while expanding the available living area within your abode.

Home Theater

Searching for a way to uplevel your family gatherings, holidays, and entertaining? Look no further than a home theatre! Not only will you create extra usable space in either your basement or garage but also elevate the quality of life at home. With careful planning around existing soffits, you can install anywhere from 6-10 comfortable elevated chairs with plenty of headspaces – perfect for movie-watching! To ensure every detail is just right – from projector height to speakers – consult an audio-visual partner and make sure each element is finely tuned before inviting friends and family over for their own cinematic experience.
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A Highly-Efficient Home Remodeling Process

With years of experience in the remodeling industry, our professionals are here to manage every detail and guarantee a pleasant and stress-free home renovation process. You can sit back while we take care of it all – no work required! We will provide you with an individualized plan tailored to your specific needs, walking you through each step so there’s never any confusion about what needs to be done or when. Let us create the perfect home makeover for you today!



Fill us in on all of your project details on our contact form. We want to know all about your vision for your home.



We start remodeling your home into the area you need it to be. We’ll work efficiently and quickly to get it back to you fast.



Now you and your loved ones can start using your new space. Get ready for your house to feel like home again.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the cost of your home renovation, the final price is dependent on both size and materials chose. A moderate remodeling job could be up to $170,000 while a more luxurious version may come in at over $200,000+. However with our team’s expertise and eye for detail we can ensure you get maximum value out of any budget – even as low as $150,000! Let us show you why no other contractor in Chantilly beats us when it comes to bang for buck.
An average home makeover will take up to two months for completion; throughout this procedure, you’ll be notified about each alteration we make and why. Now if your renovation is a bit more demanding, it could last around four months but the outcome would be worth your wait. We can discuss all the particulars of what needs to get done and when during our initial consultation at your abode.
Here at our company, we comprehend just how stressful home remodeling can be. That’s why it is our mission to make the process as smooth and effortless for you as possible with our team of experts by your side! With us, quality always comes first. We proudly provide top-notch remodeling services that guarantee an unforgettable experience for all customers – something we are certain you will love too! So don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help: when it comes to working on your home, rest assured knowing that the job will be done correctly with us in charge.

Bring Your Home To Life With This Well-Deserved Upgrade!

Now’s the moment to decide if you’re going to renovate your house and get started. GiGi Homes & Construction will handle every aspect of this process for you, so that any worries or stress from past contractors can remain in the past. We understand how essential it is for a space to look like your dreams; therefore, we prioritize what YOU want!

With your local experts from GiGi Homes & Construction, you’ll also get:

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A Remodeled Home Can Greatly Improve The Quality Of Your Life

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